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My name is Sherian Demetria Shuntay Dortch. I’m a resident of Stone Mountain, Georgia. My family and I moved here from Memphis, Tennessee almost 30 years ago. I also raised my daughter Keneisha here in Georgia. She is smart, beautiful, passionate, active and energetic. She’s my only child. I have raised her as a single mother and each day I grow more and more proud of her for her accomplishments. She is currently enrolled in college and is preparing to graduate from Mississippi Valley State University this upcoming May 2018. We are one team but so different. She loves music, writing, journalism and communications. I enjoy doing crafty things such as making scented candles. I also love to travel with my family.

Our lives changed a few years ago and we’ve had to adjust and make some changes. I was diagnosed with Polycystic Kidney Disease approximately six years ago. My kidney function is decreasing and I am very close to being on dialysis if I don’t get a Kidney Transplant. Staying strong is hard, but I am hopeful for each brand new day I get closer to finding a kidney donor.