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Lisa Needs Your Help

Lisa Fundis is a mom of two and has been happily married to George for 32 years. In 2012, Lisa was diagnosed with End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD). In December of 2014, Lisa was admitted to the ICU, fighting for her life and undergoing an emergency procedure. This procedure allowed her to have an emergency dialysis treatment. This came as a shock as Lisa was working a full-time job and showed no real signs that her illness was so severe. Lisa was told she would need a new kidney and the sooner it was done the better. Her daughter, Lily, a United States Marine Veteran, is an ideal match. She is completing the testing and pre-operative work ups for the transplant. A date for the transplant should be coming within the next few weeks. Although, very excited for this, especially after having a previous donor back out last minute, the financial aspect will be difficult. Having both Lisa and George out of work after surgery, along with Lily, money will be tight, and bills will still need to be paid. We are asking for help of family, friends and the community to make this transplant and recovery possible.

Updates (7)

February 5, 2018

First surgery follow up today with surgeon. Everything is going well. Creatinine is down to 2 already! It was over 11 while on dialysis. Glucose is normal. Incision is healing well with no signs of infection. Thank you everyone for your prayers, encouragement and financial support. Left the hospital with 12 new prescriptions that cost $1100 because my insurance doesn't participate with the Maine Med Specialty Pharmacy. Without the support of so many generous individuals I don't know how I could afford my monthly meds. Thank you so very much all of you wonderful people!!!

February 2, 2018

It's Friday, 4 days after surgery and I am home!!! My Transplant team said I was a perfect patient. It was obvious I did my homework. Pain is tolerable with medication. Nausea and heartburn from anti rejection meds but adjustments are being made to alleviate symptoms. Lky, my hero donor, is improving slowly. It is much worse for the donorbut she is a champ. Thank you Lily. Momma can now urinate and not have to go to dialysis anymore!!!