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Neal Needs Your Help

Family and friends of Neal Doane are raising money to assist with expenses associated with lung transplantation. Neal is currently listed and waiting for a double lung transplant through Mass General Hospital in Boston.

Updates (2)

June 28, 2018

Neal has been listed! He has had to relocate to be closer to MA General Hospital in order to qualify for the transplant. His wife remains almost 6 hours away in Northern Maine, while she continues to work and provide a home for Neal’s son, who is still in high school. This is a very frightening and emotional experience for Neal and family, let alone with the worry of how they will cover their bills at home along with the cost of transportation and accommodation in Boston.

This is not even the beginning of the expenses Neal and family are incurring. Once transplant occurs, they will need to live in Boston for up to 3 months post-operatively while Neal attends twice a week follow up care at the hospital. There are also food expenses, lost wages for his wife and family as they take time off to care for him. Once home, they will still be required to make the 6-hour one way trip monthly. Not to mention anti-rejection medications, which even after insurance, are still expensive. Please consider donating to help Neal and family during this difficult and life-saving journey.

November 15, 2017

Neal is currently in the process of being listed for a double lung transplant at Mass General Hospital, in Boston, which is over 300 miles from his home. Neal will be making tips to Boston almost every week over the next 6-8 weeks to complete the evaluation process required to be listed for a transplant.


July 11, 2018

This is such a great website...I feel so good about helping people who are going through such hard times!

Rhonda Wilson

July 7, 2018

Hi Neal I heard about your situation from your son-in-law Nick whose shop I use for all my car's ills. I think the world of him and very much hope that your transplant goes smoothly and that you can get back with your wife and son soon.

Ronnie Wilson

July 17, 2018


Dave Gardner

July 17, 2018


Rori Crossman