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Patsy Needs Our Help!

Family and friends of Patsy Whelan are raising money to pay for uninsured medical expenses associated with transplantation.

Updates (5)

June 27, 2018

I can’t believe a month has gone by since I last posted an update on Patsy! It has been a rocky road for Patsy this past month; he had been doing so well, and then one month ago he was hit with a nasty adenovirus and pneumonia, and he has been fighting for his life. This virus took hold of him, and he has been sedated for most of the past month while the amazing Dr.s and Nurses at MGH do everything in their power to help him. Thankfully, he is responding to an experimental drug, and seems to be heading in the right direction…but it is baby steps daily, and it is a long road ahead. In the past few days the Dr.s have been easing up on the sedation, and he is becoming a little bit more alert for parts of the day, and a little bit more responsive. Please continue to send love, support and prayers, as Patsy and Patty need all of the help they can get at this difficult time. Patty continues to spend most of her waking hours by Patsy’s side, and has recently begun reading to him, which he seems to enjoy. It is likely going to be months before he is moved from ICU. One nice way to offer love and support might be to send a poem, short story, or happy memory that Patty could read to Patsy to brighten his spirits. You could choose a favorite poem, or write your own poem or limerick, or short story, and mail it to Patty (at my address), and she plans to compile a book for Patsy — “Patsy’s Poems” — which she can read to him over the coming months as he recovers. This will undoubtedly be a positive boost for Patsy to hear all of the kind words and love from his friends. Please keep praying and supporting Patsy and Patty in any way you can…Patsy is a fighter, and he needs our help in this fight for his life.
Please email me if you need my mailing address, and I will deliver all good wishes to Patty. Thank you for all the love!!! Stephanie ([email protected])

March 13, 2018

Update on our dear friend, Patsy Whelan!
As most of you know, Patsy had a successful double lung transplant on February 15th. He continues to thrive as he recovers in hospital, but it is still a long road ahead for Patsy and Patty before he can get back home to Brewster. There are many challenges and hurdles to clear, some unanticipated, and the Whelan’s continue to be grateful for all of the love and support their friends and family have shown them. I have been visiting with Patty several times a week, and I am in awe of the strength and fortitude she has shown in this journey to bring Patsy back to good health. It is a 24/7 overwhelming commitment that they have both made in order to restore Patsy’s good health and allow him to get back to the quality of life he deserves – please consider joining me in offering continued support to them as they face these challenges. If you are able to donate anything to their fundraising efforts, please consider doing so, and also sharing this information with other friends of Patsy’s who may not be aware of this situation. Just to give you an idea of some of the unanticipated expenses they face, they need to replace their home heating system before Patsy can return, since they cannot use a wood stove any longer with his new lungs. They have to rip up carpets and install proper flooring. And they have to find appropriate, spotless, pet-free local accommodation close-by to the hospital for both of them for the initial weeks/months after Patsy’s discharge (as he will need to go to many medical appointments each week). Until discharge, Patty continues to have to pay for her own nearby accommodation in order to support Patsy with all that his recovery entails. As you can see, there are daunting financial expenses, not to mention the emotional exhaustion of going through this experience. Let’s help Patsy get back to the beach, and back to fiddle, and back to the love and laughter he exudes!! Any help you can offer will be greatly appreciated!! Feel free to send cards and well wishes to my home, and I will deliver to Patty and Patsy. (email me for address).
Many thanks for following our updates!
With love, Stephanie


October 17, 2018

So Sorry to hear the News about Parsi , we came from the same neck of the woods in Ballyfermot Dublin. My condolences to his Wife Patti & his Son Connor, Christy Delaney.

Christopher Delaney aka KittC.

July 11, 2018

Seeing you perform at Nannys was always a great thrill. We were still laughing for days recounting the memories of you and the Gaf on numerous occasions. Great musician ship and sharp wit humor that was unstoppable and of course unbeatable. We can't wait to see you up and reeling again. Love and Prayers to you!

Barry O\'Brien

July 11, 2018

Hope you get well soon patsy and get back in to good health ..Prayers .

Steve Morris

July 18, 2018

Prayers for Patsy!

Robert Brooks