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I never could have imagined that my life would transform in the way that it did… but I also never could’ve known how much it could teach me to learn, grow, change my goals, and better myself.

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May 24, 2018

Walking in braces!

March 9, 2018

So far this year has been wonderful for me:

In January, my family traveled to Lake Tahoe so that I could try adaptive skiing for the first time. The organization Achieve Tahoe helped me into a monoski, and I once again learned to glide down a bunny slope. There were lots of falls but so many smiles at the same time. Achieve Tahoe works with people with disabilities to learn tons of adaptive sports and activities. They are an amazing resource for helping everyone gain mobility and independence!

In February at physical therapy, I tried on leg braces for the first time... and was able to stand up and try taking some small steps. I was holding onto parallel bars and needed lots of balance support from my physical therapist. I still cannot bend my knees so we had to lock my legs straight in the braces. This is a major challenge for me to surpass. If I keep up the constant physical therapy, I hope to soon be able to bend my knees again. Despite this all, miraculously I could do it. My dream of walking again is not as far away as it once was, but will still takes lots of time and hard work.

Thank you so much for your donations and support so far in my journey to recover! Every donation counts and is so appreciated. Sending love and thanks to everyone.

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February 11, 2020

Hi Katherine,
My daughter Sienna (12) and I were in a car accident and she has an incomplete T-10 injury as well/. Do you mind talking to me about your recovery and what places you have been and how I could support her in this journey that is just beginning for us?

BTW I am thrilled to see your progress as a result of such hard work and dedication. I can only hope you are doing better every day.

Ursula Coie