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I Need Your Help!

My name is Shawn Wesley and in July 2017, after going to the ER with flu like symptoms, weakness and trouble breathing, I was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML).  What a shock! For years I have been very health conscious-watching everything I eat (no pork or GMOs here), taking natural supplements & working out or cycling 4-6 days a week. Since my diagnosis I’ve learned to live with a whole new health regimen – having blood & platelet transfusions, monitoring white cell counts, learning about genetic testing markers, being neutropenic and much more. Despite the challenge, I’ve successfully made it through five rounds of very aggressive chemotherapy & spent about two months total in the hospital. I give praise and thanks to the Creator for grace, mercy & positivity, great medical personnel (shout out to Dr. K), and the love & support of family, friends & coworkers.

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July 20, 2018

It’s been one year……..Peace and blessings to all and as always I hope everyone is in positive spirits and keeping your Head to the Sky. I’ll try to keep this one short and sweet, because I know sometimes I have the tendency to be a little long-winded, when I do these posts. Well, on July 16th it was exactly one year since I was diagnosed with leukemia (AML), a type of aggressive blood cancer. Through the grace of God, I’m still kicking!! Right now, I’m in a holding pattern because my initial donor and my second donor have been deemed ineligible for me to use their stem cells (to re-seed my bone marrow, after mine is destroyed), but I do have a potential third donor. All the testing, dental work, procedures and requirements that I had to meet to be cleared as physically able to do a stem cell transplant, has been done. So far, I’ve had 6 high dose chemotherapy treatments, (all medicine/no radiation) with a total of three and a half months in the hospital (not counting post treatment) with one relapse of leukemia. I admit, that some of it wasn’t that bad for me, but the bad times put an even weight on the ones that weren’t that bad. At this point I’m going to be doing “maintenance chemotherapy”, to help prevent another relapse, until my stem cell transplant is ready to be performed. A relapse would be a game changer for my health and overall chances of living through this. -In the last year, I’ve seen a lot done a lot, experienced a lot, had a lot of needles, ICU visits, 6 bone marrow biopsies, acquired some scar tissue, met some good people, made friendships with people that I wouldn’t have met unless I was sick, learned a lot about myself, pushed myself, done a lot of praying, developed a closer relationship with God, and have held on to my faith. For all you believers out there, when life throws something at you, that you can’t seem to deal with at that time, and it seems to be overwhelming… take my advice -put it before the Creator and leave it there. Ask for wisdom, guidance, discernment, and strength to move on, to make the right decisions and be ready to accept the fact, that when you put it in the Creator’s hands, the end result may not be the one that you want…. but I think that’s what faith is all about when it comes down to it. Be ready for the triumphs and disappointments. Keep a sense of humor, laugh as much as you can, thank the Creator for the ones that truly are there for you, and also the ones that you thought were going to be there for you and were not. Cancer of any type is no joke. There are millions of people that have it. Some cancers are easy to treat, some more difficult than others, but it’s not going anywhere. Cancer can affect you at any given moment, and at any given time, and is a life changer, emotionally, physically, financially, and spiritually. All of you that have known me, worked with me, saw what I ate, who would have ever thought?… But, it’s my cross, and the way that I deal with it, and carry it makes all the difference doesn’t it?
-Please if you are able to become a stem cell donor or get tested, it is important to do-especially for different ethnic groups. To become a potential donor, see my virtual donor drive at:
-Peace & blessings to you…..

June 24, 2018

Perhaps you know the Beatles’ song, “The long & winding road”…..well, that’s what it feels like I’m on right now. Since my last update there have been some twists & turns- after being in remission for 8 months the leukemia returned, I had to be hospitalized for chemotherapy (different stronger round) & my stem cell transplant has been postponed-again. I went in the hospital for treatment anticipating a one week stay and now I’m looking forward to being discharged on day #26 (June 1st)! This stay was a bit eventful–I lost my appetite (that sucks!), had two 102F+ fevers, went into neutropenic/septic shock & kept hospital personnel running with my erratic heart rate. It’s been quite an experience, but all seems to be returning to normal now & I’m more than OK with that!

I remain thankful for God’s mercies, your prayers and all continued healing thoughts! Thanks for contributing to my fundraising efforts, sharing my story with others & always remember I truly appreciate all you do for me! Until next time….Peace & keep your heads to the sky!

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March 14, 2018

Thinking of you and sending you my love and prayers!!

Donna Hudson Coakley

February 8, 2018

Continue to be positive, stay strong & put on your BIG DANCE shoes!!

Big Sis Cheryl