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Fork Cancer!

At the start of 2018, Phil was a totally average person. He had a job, a mortgage, a wife and two beautiful children. He was in good health and enjoyed playing soccer a few times a week. Unfortunately everything changed when a visit to his primary care physician started a roller-coaster ride of doctor visits that concluded at the Mayo Clinic with a diagnosis of cholangiocarcinoma, a rare cancer of the liver bile ducts. Phil is now awaiting what he hopes will be a lifesaving liver transplant.


March 15, 2018

Phil and family - please believe that miracles happen and that you will get a new liver! I’ve just seen it happen for my husband here at Stanford. I would love to help you however I can if you’re open to that. Please email me or find our Facebook page “We Need a Miracle - Nodular Regenerative Hyperplasia “

Nancy Adzentoivich

March 15, 2018

I've gone through two kidney transplants from anonymous cadaveric donors and want to offer a bit of hope. Please remain positive! Just when you are so ill and feeling hopeless, a donor could come through for you. Sending you a little $ and best hopes for you and your family.

Debra Benson

March 14, 2018

Phil, I'm thinking about you right this minute and that's usual. You're on my mind and in my prayers. Todd

Todd Eisenstadt

March 14, 2018

Sending many thoughts of strength and healing!

Martha Millison