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Helena Needs Your Help

My mother, Helena, was diagnosed with Interstitial Lung Disease in 2011. The disease has gradually attacked her lungs to the point where she suffered respiratory failure on Valentine’s Day 2018. We almost lost her that night. When she regained consciousness the first thing she said was Happy Valentine’s Day to the EMT.

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May 15, 2018

5/12/18 11:07am
My Mom was so sad yesterday that she was missing pictures with Maya for her prom and Rayna for her semi formal so the girls surprised her at Baystate (see photo album)!

When we arrived at Mass General yesterday my Mom was greeted with “Hi Helenaaa!” And she responded with a chuckle, “I was a bad girrrrl.” MGH is amazing on many levels but their nurses are just top notch. They turned my Mom’s mood around in two seconds!

As I sit here writing this my Mom is completely back to normal. I told her she is now Gatinha Lena, a cat with nine lives. And my Dad is her Superhero, saving her life each time.

Thus far the doctors here agree that with my Mom’s aortic stenosis her heart experienced serious trouble pumping the extra fluid from the infusion hence the spill over into the lungs. This was another risk vs reward procedure. She needed to have the infusion but unfortunately she had a very serious side effect.

Repairing the aortic stenosis is already on her list of things that need to be addressed. Not sure if this episode moves it up the list. We shall see.

Right now she is completely off the oxygen and her levels are maintaining at 95 or higher. Her lungs seem to be unaffected. Still have some fluid but I’m sure that will improve while we are here.

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day. Give yours an extra squeeze from my Mom. Love you all! ❤️

May 15, 2018

5/11/198 7:27pm
I will send a more detailed update later. She is stable and alert and talking. She suffered a mild heart attack. They were able to remove a lot of the fluid from her lungs. On our way by ambulance right now to Mass General. ❤️

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July 11, 2018

I hope you all had a wonderful day together at the benefit. Sorry I missed it, I’m sure is was a great turn out.

Alison Fernandes

July 11, 2018

Wishing you a happy and healthy future!

Ana Maria Pires-Serisser

July 11, 2018

Dear Lena, Sorry we could not make it to the club for the fundraiser. However, we wanted to show our support and let you know we are thinking of you. We remember the fun times we shared at the Ze's Party. Sincerely, Joe (New York) and Teresa

Jose and Teresa Alves

July 17, 2018

Thinking of you and your family!

Beth Teixeira