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Help a Marine Corps Veteran’s Wife with Liver Transplant Costs

Cynthia Bertram has been battling with serious health issues for several years.
She is now in a critical situation where she needs a liver transplant in order to
survive. We are asking family and friends to join us in raising funds for the nonprofit,
Help Hope Live, to help with the transplant-related medical expenses Cindy will face.

Updates (2)

November 15, 2018

11/08/2018 Went to USA Medical Center for 2d Right Heart Cath due to requirements of UAB Liver Transplant Center in Birmingham, Al. While listed for Transplant and taking the Medicine Vetetri for Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension, a patient has to have a Pulomonary Pressure no greater than 35. At the 1st Right Heart Cath in January 2018 my pressures were 78 so I was prescribed Veletri which is an intravenous administered medicine that is administered through an IV implanted in my Right Chest above the Brest. This medicine has a very short life span of only 3 to 5 minutes so it is administered daily through the use of the IV line and a 100ml cassette that is filled with the medicine after mixing the dry powder vials with styrle water in a given procedure. See the video demonstration my Husband Tony made and uploaded to .
This is my 3rd Right Heart Cath and the pressures are down to 30 so I will remain listed for a Liver Transplant. I have been on the list for 6 months now and praying I am getting close to a Donor being found that is suitable for my Blood Type, Height and Weight. My Physician has determined that a partial Donor would not work for me so the Liver will have to come from Someone who decided to be a giver of Life when they die. I am saddened that another person dies but glad that there are people who are willing to have organs donated so that others may live. They are Angels and many would not be here today without their Generosity. So I am asking the Living to be just as Generous and Donate to HelpHopeLive so that I and others may have the Hope of getting Help so that we may continue to Live. Thank you in advanced for you kind Hearts.


May 7, 2018

Had to take Cindy to the USA Medical Center ER this past Monday the 23rd of April 2018. Had Chest pains and sharp pains under her right rib cage. The Chest Pain turned out to be caused from the Pain under her Ribs, Docs think it was her Liver reacting to the Medicines she is on to open up her Blood Veins and Arteries. A Right Heart Cath was done and the Pressures in the Pulmonary Artery has dropped to 30 which is good. Means the Medicines Veletri is working and doing what it is supposed to do. Could be her Liver trying to process that new Blood flow through it but due to the scarring, the Liver just can not handle it. Will update her page as I can. Thanks to those who have contributed to Help Hope Live, it enables all Transplant Patients to receive the help with High Cost.

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September 17, 2018

Sending prayers for you both.

Connie Tucker

September 10, 2018

Godspeed to you in your recovery. Please thank The Lord and not me. I am merely a vessel of his will.

Peter Bartels

September 10, 2018

Whatever it takes! We're gonna git er done! Love and prayers, always.

Karen Lessey

July 11, 2018

Cindy & Tony, You're always in my thoughts and prayers. We shall overcome! OORAH!

Karen Lessey