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Christopher Needs Your Help

Hello Everyone,

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August 9, 2018

Success! Transplant is complete, please check out the Facebook page for the most recent updates:

July 26, 2018

As of July 24th, 2018 it is a green light for the kidney transplant. I had my pre-op at UW Madison and everything is looking good. My donor will have hers July 26th. Beyond that, the schedule on August 8th looks to be: donor goes in at 8:10 AM and I go in at 10:10 AM. With the surgery and recovery room time it should be about 4-5 hours and I will be in my room accessible to my family. From there it will be 3-5 days until I am released pending everything going well. I will be on approximately 8 or so medications right after which the will eventually taper off to around 4 or so for the rest of my life. The dosages will vary but should also be tapered off to lower maintenance doses. It will be an adjustment, nonetheless, but a good one I hope!

I am now down to 18 for my GFR, but my symptoms are still fairly limited, mostly fatigue. I am hoping to grab all that energy I've been missing, back! I'm used to mentally pushing myself, but I can definitely tell I am wearing out much quicker and easier lately. This will hopefully be a breath of fresh air, and I can already feel the "weight" starting to lift off my shoulders. The next time many of you see me I may have what is called a "moon face", and possibly have gained a decent amount of weight. This is due to the medications which include prednisone. It is hard to know what will truly happen, but I figured I would forewarn everyone. ;-)

I truly appreciate all the help that has been provided to me and my family, and the help that continues from many individuals. My donor (aunt) is AMAZING! We have been talking and finding so many things that just "add up" lately it is quite odd, actually. She suggested we get some lottery tickets just because of all the numbers and how they coincide with what has been happening recently - why not?

You are all awesome and I cannot thank you enough! The support has been overwhelming! Keep the thoughts and prayers coming, they are definitely helping!

Much Love,


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July 8, 2018

Sorry I couldn't make it to the fundraisers. Praying for good things to come!

Chris Underwood

May 19, 2018

Here's to a fast and healthy recovery!

Rebecca Kobernick

May 7, 2018

Prayers are with you in receiving your new kidney. Hope all goes well!

Tammy Zindrick