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Sherri Needs Your Help

In 2015, Sherri developed a cold that she could not get over. She was sent to a pulmonary doctor and they realized there was a serious problem and immediately sent her to Duke University, at that point we began our journey. She was accepted into the program for a double lung transplant.

Updates (7)

June 12, 2018

Sherri’ journey continues. Continuing rehab and maintaining while waiting. She had a nice call from Kaye who also went to Carilion rehab in Roanoke checking on her. Three more people have gotten listed. Had a nice visit from Abbie and DJ last weekend. Always nice to see family. This past week more of the same, add in the hot weather and humidity and you can imagine how it affects those with lung problems. Still 5 days a week for her rehab. Had a nice visit from Evenlyn last week. She came down to be with Sherri and take her to rehab. I had to take a quick trip to the DMV in Danville to have my drivers license renewed. Could not do on line because had to have vision test. Another thing that comes with age but thankful every day for the years He has given me. Sherri continues praying and waiting for the call. It is amazing how she does rehab every day with her lungs in condition they are. She is looking for the day she and the other transplantees can take a deep breath which we all take for granit. If you want to know how it feels to be waiting for the call for a lung match. Imagine the anticipation of waiting for the birth of a baby. The only difference is you know the approximate date and time it comes. With lungs it is the wait and anticipation for the call to help her live longer so she can still love and enjoy all her grandbabies, family and friends. If we did not have highs and lows in our lives we would never know how amazing, faithful ,forgiving, loving and caring God is and the best part He is only a breathe away. Listen to the song “Through It All”. She is thankful that God has given her this opportunity because not everyone has this .
Thanks for all the prayers and continued support for her . You never know when you may be in the same situiation.

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June 4, 2018

Sherri’s journey continues. She is still praying and patiently waiting for the call. A lot goes into getting new lungs because everything has to be next to a perfect match and that is why sometimes it takes longer. We know God has that perfect match for her. She is continuing to do good with her Monday thru Friday rehab and that keeps her busy.
We had a nice enjoyable visit last Sunday from Catherine and Evelyn. As usual it was too short but it was great to see familar faces from home again.
We had encouraging news this week. There have been several transplants in the last few weeks. One of our friends was transplanted and back to rehab in 11 days, that was a miracle. The average stay in hospital is 3 weeks. It was great to see him not having to pull his oxygen around and breathing on his own. Another friend got the call Thursday and was walking around Friday. They have you up walking the next day after surgery. God has a match for everone and in his time.
We had to use the GPS to find a dentist because I had broken a tooth. It was a experience to see a new dentist and have her say she would have to pull my tooth which she did. Not the excitement you want on a Saturday but turned out better than I had expecited. Of course I have my own private nurse and we take care of each other. God is in control as we look to Him for guidance and direction. Thanks for all the prayers and support .
Thank you for all who died, serves and are serving so we may have the freedom we have today. GOD BLESS AMERICA


August 1, 2018

Sherri, I am so happy to hear that you got your new lungs!! Continued prayers and love. Karen, Dale, Amanda and Victoria

Karen Worrell

June 24, 2018

Just to let you know I'm praying for you and I love you. Stay strong! And may God continue to bless you both!! Love, Peggy Porter (Long time friend of Tom's)

Peggy B Porter

May 20, 2018

This is for the redskins stuff I won at the auction. My friend is a skins fan, and this is what he gave me for the items I won. I hope ur doing well

David Patton

May 11, 2018

God bless your lung transplant, Sherri! Sending our love to you and Tommy! Go Team Sherri Love, Linda and Jeff

Jeff & Linda Gould