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Sharon Desperately Needs Your Help

Due to Sharon Huntington’s long battle with high blood pressure, as well as genetics, she was diagnosed with kidney disease in November 2017. Despite making medication and diet changes, this kidney disease has quickly progressed to End Stage Kidney Disease, and her only hope for survival is dialysis or kidney transplant.

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April 3, 2018

Dialysis is not going well. Have been having trouble accessing the vein for treatment. Now that my catheter is gone, this makes a transplant more of a necessity. Today I could not receive treatment at all because the vein blew. Either dialysis or transplant is necessary for my survival. Please help with donations, or help me in setting up some fundraisers to raise the money needed for transplant. I am not ready to meet my maker just yet.

April 3, 2018

I have now completed the transition from the dialysis catheter to the fistula for my dialysis treatment. I no longer have the dialysis catheter in place. This is a good move for me as I was at greater risk of infection with the catheter.

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