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On Sunday, September 17th 2017, Washington DC interior designer Livi Pejo was struck by a car while walking on the sidewalk. The driver was driving at high speeds, potentially on illegal substances and swerved out of the road to hit her from behind on the sidewalk. The accident occurred in Dewey Beach, Delaware- the day after Livi completed her first triathlon with friends.

Livi suffered devastating injuries upon impact, particularly to her spine. She was in critical care at hospitals for eight months following the accident and was finally released to be moved home in May 2018. Her injuries are catastrophic and require the highest level of medical care. The Pejo family has been working hard to care for Livi but they could use some help!


June 18, 2018

From Clune Construction

Tony Giachinta

June 18, 2018

Dear Livi,
Heard about your accident from my niece who is one of your coworkers. Very touched that your work community is rallying by your side and I wanted to be part of it. Praying for a full recovery!
Lots of Love being sent your way!

Marie Tola