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In May of 2001, Eddie Jordan was diagnosed with a blood clot in his renal vein which affected his kidney and caused his spleen to erupt. His platelet count dropped to an all-time low and he had to undergo dialysis. Due to his low platelet count, he underwent two years of plasma phaeresis or plasma exchange. Eddie’s doctors decided it was time to remove his spleen. Thankfully, his platelet count soon returned to normal and, after three weeks of dialysis, Eddie’s kidney jump started. This, however, this was only the beginning of a long road to many grueling treatments, not to mention lifestyle adjustments that had to be made.

After having his spleen removed, Eddie seemed to be doing significantly better and his health seemed stable. Monthly tests and check-ups were maintained to observe his health. Suddenly, in December of 2015, his kidney function took a turn for the worse which resulted in him being placed back on dialysis. He is currently undergoing peritoneal (home) dialysis while he waits to be placed on the kidney donor list.

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January 17, 2021

Sibylle and Kenneth Williams prayers are with you and family. Keep the faith! sincerely Ken

Kenneth Williams

December 24, 2018

Mr. Jordan, I’m praying, with many others, that a kidney is found, soon, and you are well, again. May God comfort and strengthen you and your family.

Laura Lee Hines

July 7, 2018

Sending up prayers for the family.

Harold Robinson and family