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Justin Needs Our Help!

Justin was injured in a fall in August, 2007, sustaining a spinal cord injury that caused him to become a quadriplegic. He is a client at Journey Forward, an intensive exercise-based rehab facility in Canton, MA.

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May 8, 2018

It took me over 9 years but I finally graduated. Thanks to everyone who has support me along the way! Check out my graduation flyer under Albums below!

April 3, 2018

Justin has been invited to participate in a clinical trial at the Univ of Louisville in Kentucky. We traveled down there in March 2015 and although he met all the criteria, they were not recruiting at that time. We will be going down there again during the last week in June. If he meets all the criteria, he will be enrolled in the Epidural Stimulation study with about 39 other people. He will have to live there for 18-24 months.

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March 14, 2018

Hello Justin, Sorry I can't make it to the April Mohegan Sun Gala. Glad to hear that the Berklee degree is within reach!! Glad to hear that you're still working it. Core strength is where it's at!! Hope to catch up with your Mom one of these days!!! Ellen Cobau

Ellen Cobau

December 12, 2017

Everyone is so proud of all your hard work. You are AMAZING. MERRY CHRISTMAS.

Sharon Forde

December 12, 2017

Hi Justin! You are in the home stretch of your degree program—and from everyone at Berklee Online, congratulations for all your hard work and accomplishments. We're looking forward to seeing you at commencement in May! All the best, Carin

Carin Nuernberg

November 17, 2017

Justin, you have grown into an incredible young man. I truly hope that you achieve all of your goals.

Marilyn Lamkin