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My Original Story 2018

It could have been any one of us.

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July 11, 2022

Dear, Family and Friends:

After the 5th anniversary of my accident, I want to share some terrific news!

The home modifications that your donations to my fundraiser made possible are complete. Thanks to you, aspects of my daily life have become a lot easier. I now have a bathroom I can turn around in without banging up the walls and the vanity, not to mention my toes; a shower that I can roll into, safely in a shower chair; and I can roll under the sink/vanity to brush my teeth and wash my hands. We’ve also added doors in the back bedroom which provide an egress at the rear of the house. I will be able to roll out on the deck, to a mechanical lift, which will lower me down to the yard where I can get away from the house in case of an emergency.

I’m extremely grateful for your donations, as these home modifications will ease the challenges and stress of my daily routine activities. I feel very fortunate to have you in my life to help make all of this possible!

I’ve attached a few pictures to bring it all to life for you. Thank you for your ongoing kindness, compassion, love and support.

All my love,


July 2, 2021

My dearest family and friends,

It is hard to believe that July 10, 2021 marks four years since my cycling accident resulting in a catastrophic spinal cord injury. I was (and still am) shocked and devastated by the cruel unpredictability of life. And, although it may seem like time has flown, it hasn’t for me. It has been a grueling 1,460 days and I would not have been able to get this far without your unwavering love and support.

You may recall that when the accident first happened - and for the following two years, I was confident I would walk again. I had overcome so many other challenges in my life, why would this be any different? I’m sad as I remember believing that there was absolutely no way in hell that four years later, I would be writing a second correspondence to you from a wheelchair.

I am dismayed to report that despite relentless optimism, and physical therapy, I have not regained mobility. I am still in denial that I am permanently paralyzed. Every July 10, I am reminded of how unpredictable life really is.

I come to you today with a long overdue update and to share the pressing challenges of my new life. Your past financial support enabled me to purchase a standing frame (a crucial rehabilitative tool that has numerous benefits for me including reducing leg spasms, improving lung function, and aiding in blood circulation); fund my caregivers for three months, and pay off several large medical bills (a huge stress relief). There are no words to express my gratitude.

In March of 2018, when I was finally able to return to my home and a modicum of independence, Becky and our friend, Lloyd built a temporary ramp making it possible for me to enter and exit the house so I could live in my home. The other elements of living in the house were extremely challenging but doable. Now, nearly four years later, although my physical condition has changed very little, my aging body is noticeably deteriorating with a completely sedentary lifestyle. The time has come for me to make some significant modifications to my home which will ensure my safety and help ease my daily challenges. The planned renovation would enable me to do the things that most people take for granted. As I write this, access to my shower or the sink to brush my teeth is a Herculean feat. There is also a great need for an exterior door and a mechanical lift to create an egress in the back of the house so I can get out safely in case of fire.

Just the thought of being able to safely exit the house and having a padded shower chair so I can gently roll into the shower without aggravating the subluxation in my left hip, causing it to spasm and making it worse, would make a significant difference in my daily life. Now, those are things to get excited about.

Of course, there have been additional setbacks. A friend who was temporarily storing several of my rehabilitation tools experienced a garage fire where all of my things were destroyed. It seems, I will also need surgery on my hip and I hope to travel to Colorado to the world-renowned Craig Hospital which specializes in rehabilitating spinal cord injury patients for a fresh set of eyes to evaluate my current physical situation.

I am not giving up.

Although plans for this renovation are in the works, of course, Covid has changed everything. The cost of the renovation to bring these life-changing modifications to my life are now ten times more expensive due to material costs and shipping delays. All of this is overwhelming but I know that although there are so many unimaginable challenges, love and support for my family and friends keeps me going.

Over these four years, I have reaffirmed that life is all about relationships and I am so fortunate to have really good friends and profoundly deep relationships that mean everything. I have also been blessed with an amazing life partner, Becky, who has relentlessly stood by my side every step of the way of this horror. When I hear of friends planning cycling trips, like I once did, I can be disheartened, but thanks to Becky, I can now kayak in a kayak that she adapted for me, allowing me the freedom to get on the water and back to nature. Becky is the constant reminder that life is good and I am miraculously still here.

Don’t get me wrong, I get really, really down sometimes. But I have resolved to squeeze as much life out of each day that I can get. Whether, it is watching a blue bird make a nest, or enjoying conversation and a meal on the porch with friends, these are the moments that bring me great joy. These are the moments that bring sparkles to my life.

Now, that I have caught you up with what’s going on with me, I am hopeful that you will be in a position to support me, again in my ongoing pursuit for quality of life, through my second fundraising campaign. My goal is to raise at least $56,000 to help cover renovation costs, as well as on going medical expenses. Please follow your heart to donate.

It has taken me some time to accept that the accident could have left me in an even worse condition; it could have killed me. So, I remain grateful to be here to experience all that I can with each of you. Thank you for being a member of my chosen family.

Enjoy your summer and please embrace the sparkles.

All my love,


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October 28, 2021

So grateful to see the community support Laurina!!

Debra Snell

October 25, 2021

Love You!

John West

October 3, 2021

Your sheer determination and courage amazes me daily! You have managed to keep a positive outlook while facing such tremendous hurdles. Your smile lights up a room!
Much love, positive energy and prayers abound.

Betsy Hale