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Help Kevin Get Moving Again

On September 21st of last year, Kevin was involved in an accident swimming off the Delaware shore. As a result of this accident he suffered significant damage to his C3/C4 vertebrae. While his spinal cord is only bruised—not severed—the accident left Kevin paralyzed below the shoulders and dependent upon a ventilator to breathe.

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November 21, 2018

On Tuesday, November 13th, Kevin was honored with a Spirit of Portland award for his years of service to the city of Portland. Prior to the founding of the Portland Workforce Alliance, Kevin worked for eight year as Chief of Staff to Commissioner Jim Francisconi, and then for Commissioner Dan Saltzman. From both the work with the City and with the schools in Portland, the young people and their families, Kevin was there to serve those in need.

November 19, 2018

Through our first months of fundraising, the goal of a functional electrical stimulation (FES) bike has been met. This bike has now arrived and is set up in our (tiny) apartment. Current use is for days when there are no Physical or Occupational therapy appointments scheduled. Our next goal is the purchase of a van (see photo in album below) to make accessing these appointments, as well as doctor visits and friends who live outside of the neighborhood more time efficient. A typical appointment with public transportation takes about four hours for a one hour appointment. November 13th Kevin received the Spirit of Portland award (see previous post) so we hired a medical transportation van service to take us and return us home. Cost for the trip: $90.00 Needless to say, we don’t take many of those.

Thank you to all who have donated so far. We are beyond grateful for your help.

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December 6, 2018

With love and appreciation~ Susan

Susan Shugerman

December 6, 2018

Kevin, Please know that you and your family have so many people that want to help and support you in your fight.

Barbara Farmer

December 5, 2018

Kevin - Dear fellow Irishman and Hooper, wishing and praying for the best possible outcome in your fight and rehabilitation. - Kevin & Judy Parsons

Kevin & Judy Parsons

December 4, 2018

Hi Kevin, Hope to come see you soon. I am hoping to do a quick trip to Portland. Love you! Lee

LeeAnn Hall