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Ashley (Lyriq) Needs Your Support!

On June 22, 2017, Lyriq (Ashley) was injured in a sudden and unexpected accident. Lyriq had just dropped a friend off at their house, which was not an uncommon occurrence, as Lyriq was known as the type of person who was always helping others. Little did Lyriq know, she would soon be fighting for her life. After dropping her friend off, Lyriq went into her trunk to grab something. A distracted driver drove down the road and hit Lyriq’s parked car head on. The impact was enough to knock Lyriq’s car out of gear and her body was trampled as her own car ran her over and dragged her several yards down the street. Lyriq’s liver was lacerated from the accident and she was in a great deal of pain.


July 26, 2018


Eloise Davis Eloise Davis