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Give the gift of life to Mari!

Our mom, Mari, is a hard working, selfless and caring woman who, through no fault of her own, is in need of a life saving kidney transplant. After being on medication for years (necessary at the time) that damaged her kidneys beyond repair, she now looks to her friends, family, and surrounding communities to help her during what should be some of the most special times of her life. We will soon be ready to start families of our own and she so very badly hopes to enjoy the treasures of becoming a grandmother! We cannot imagine not having her in our lives to experience all the joys that are just getting ready to begin. She has looked forward to this time for her whole life.

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May 7, 2019

I just wanted everyone to know that I received a new kidney from a living donor on April 29, 2019! This beautiful woman is a complete stranger and wanted to give me a kidney! She is a grandmother of 2 boys. She saw my story on the local news. I began to cry because I said I wanted to see my children get married and I so want to be a grandmother! She told me every woman should get the chance to be a grandmother! My daughter is getting married on September 22,2019 and my son is getting married on May 2, 2020! This amazing and caring woman is giving me the chance to see my children get married and start their families! It’s been one week since the transplant and I feel great! I’ve been feeling awful for so so long and she’s given me my life back! I will be forever great full to my kidney donor!

November 9, 2018

I just wanted to again thank everyone who has donated to me! You have no idea how great full I am to all of you. I just wanted to update everyone because I haven’t updated my page. My kidneys now are working at 11 percent. I am still working and doing as much as I can but I tire more easily these days. I am still looking for a living donor, type O or B as my need of a kidney transplant is fast approaching. Please reach out to me if you or anyone you know is interested in being a living donor! Thank you all so much for your support!

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October 23, 2018

i had a dream last night about mari, and woke up this morning thinking i should do this. it isn't much but i hope to helps an old friend.

norman Belanger

September 2, 2018

Best of luck, sending strength ♥

Caitlin Blake

June 14, 2018

My thoughts and prayers are with you Mari and your family.

Brianna Belmore