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Sabyasachi Needs Your Help

Family and friends of Sabyasachi Ugdata are raising money for the nonprofit Help Hope Live to fund uninsured medical expenses associated with Catastrophic Illness.

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May 17, 2019

Sabya was vacationing in California with family and friends when he was stricken with life threatening brain aneurysm on February 17th 2018. He had to be airlifted from the hospital at Visalia to UCSF. After being in a state of medically induced coma for three days, on Feb 20th he went through a 10hr brain surgery for the AVM rupture. On March 30th, he was airlifted to Penn Medicine Rehab Center in West Chester, closer to home, still in comma. After being in coma for almost 5 months, he started regaining consciousness in June 2018, post another surgery at UPenn.

In August 2018, he got admitted to Bryn Mawr Rehab, which was the starting point of his recovery. Though he was improving visibly, his rate of improvement was at the lower end of the scale. Due to the denial of insurance coverage, he had to come home in Oct’18, still in need of max care. Since Feb ‘18 till August’18, he was alive with the help of feeding tube for food and meds. And was just in the bed for all round the clock. But in Oct’18 he came home in a wheel chair, started to eat and drink by mouth and was able to speak few words. These were remarkable improvement in 10 months.

Starting Oct’18 till Jan’19, he was availing the home therapy, which was covered through insurance. That helped him a lot and in Feb’19 he was in a condition to go for outpatient therapy at Bryn Mawr (travelling in a wheel chair in assisted vehicle). The outpatient therapy helped him to get up and stand and walk few steps. As of today, May 2019, Sabya spends most his day in his wheelchair, interacting with his family and caretaker and having hearty laughs and chats when his friends and well-wishers visit.

Recovery so far:

1. He has started to express his emotions and his needs. Able to communicate with friends.

2. He can feed himself.

3. He remembers everyone from family, friends and colleagues.

4. Although the left side of the body is weak, he is trying to develop his motor skills using right side of the body.

Ongoing Plan of Care :

1. Professional therapy is what he needs to improve and get back to his normal routine

2. Till the time he becomes self-independent, he needs home aide for daily activities.

3. As he is still trying to recover from the injury, medications are an integral part

With hardly any support from insurance, the cost of providing his care at home has started putting pressure on the finances. This is an appeal to you to help us provide some relief to the family. Sabya is fighting his way out through all the odds and showing the impossible can be done. Hoping, you will be able to contribute and stand by his side in his fight to get back to normal life.


August 2, 2019

Get well soon.........

Biswa Ranjan Mishra

July 31, 2019

Get well soon Sabyasachi


July 30, 2019

No one has ever become poor by giving. Whatever you can please help Bunty!!!

Dipti Tarai