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To know Craig is to LOVE Craig! 1-2-3 ❤❤❤

Craig’s loved ones are raising money to help pay for the medications he will be taking after receiving the transplant – a lifelong commitment to him taking care of his health to prevent rejection or malfunction of the transplant organ, some of them will be temporary, while others he will take for the rest of his life. These anti-rejection medications are very expensive even with insurance.

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April 28, 2019

Craig is now home after a two week stay at Duke once again, his 3rd hospitalization since coming home. It’s been a rollercoaster of a recovery process. This time after having very good liver lab numbers he went in for a routine visit had his blood work and was told he had to be admitted due to his numbers being extremely high. First diagnosis was a cellular rejection and that treatment didn’t work. After 10 days and lots of tests he was diagnosed with the AMR antibody mediated ejection. He was treated with a procedure called Pheresis (blood washing) and IVIG. He is now home finishing his treatments as an outpatient. He also was put on different anti rejection meds and is recovering from the rejection. We hope and pray it’s uphill from here. He has gone through so very much but he always bounces back. Thank you again for all those that have donated to his campaign and all the prayers, it has helped tremendously and we will continue to raise funds to help him on this journey to a full recovery. More to come with our Event fundraiser happening in May!!

January 31, 2019

Craig has been home since being discharged from rehab on Jan. 11th. He is doing well but unfortunately came down with a cough and is struggling to get rid of it. It has slowed down his recovery progress since his energy level is low but took him back to Duke hospital to see his doctors last week just to confirm it is nothing more than a cough. He has pleural effusion, a build up of extra fluid between his lungs and the chest wall. It is currently being treated by over the counter cough medicines. He continues to give it his all with physical therapy and is using a rollator walker to get around. Because of the acute kidney injury that occurred during the transplant he attends Dialysis three times a week. His transplant doctor and kidney doctor is optimistic that it is a temporary condition but only time can tell. His new liver is functioning well and he is on a renal diet until his kidneys recover. It has been a long journey but we are hopeful with each new day he becomes stronger and can enjoy a quality life. We are so very thankful for those who have donated to his campaign to help us with his financial expenses with his prescriptions and deductibles. As the doctor bills pour in even with the having insurance it is overwhelming. His out of pocket expenses continue and we are planning on having some fundraiser events to help out with our never ending medical bills. Liver transplants are life -saving but very expensive. Being his wife for almost 43 years this Feb. 14th I am his primary caretaker and Craig is the love of my life and had to take fmla leave from my job. He is my first priority to help him recover and once he can take care of himself and drive again I can return to work. Until then any assistance of any kind you can give it is a huge help and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Please continue to pray for my husband Craig and that he can recover from all his complications since his transplant surgery on Thanksgiving Day. Event Details coming soon. Thank you again and spread the word to help out Craig.

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June 7, 2019

This donation is proceeds from a multi-family garage sale! Thanks to all the family and friends that took time and helped us raise this money for Dad!❤

Maryanna Canton

May 19, 2019

Continued Prayers of Love & Healing ! You got this Craig xo Diane

Diane Dumas

January 3, 2019

Hello Craig I am thinking of you and sending love and prayers for your continued recovery!! How is rehab? I am so happy that you've taken the next step in healing. Here's to you in 2019 - may you have continued progress, newfound strength and happy times with your family!

pat jenkins

December 20, 2018

Sending love and prayers for a full recovery.

Diane Cox