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Susan Allen Needs Your Support

Dear Friends and Family, I need your help!


November 10, 2018

Thinking of you, Susan! I’m praying for you daily!

Paula Lauer

November 9, 2018

Hi, Susan. Sorry to hear about your situation. Glad I found you through Facebook. Your and your family have always been good to us, and we are happy to help in any way. We have extra bedrooms for any family that needs one. I won’t post my number here, but Ed has my contact info. Love you, and praying for all the best. Say hi to Rex and Tommy and everyone else. Hang in there!

Paul McNatt

November 1, 2018

Prayers for you!

Shauna Jordan

November 3, 2018

Susan, we are praying for you!! We love you!

Lana Ervin