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Fighting Heart, Lung, and Kidney failure for 10 years..

My wife, Brigette Reudy, was diagnosed with a rare lung disease (Pulmonary Hypertension) in 2009. PH is a terminal disease that has caused Brigette’s heart and kidney to fail. Throughout the years, she has been on 10 of the 14 therapies that are currently available for the disease. Brigette is in the final stage of her lung disease and her only option to live is a double lung transplant.

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June 11, 2019

UCLA is the best transplant hospital!!!!!! In my opinion of course!!!!!! So I had a double lung Transplant, a heart valve replacement, and a hole closed, in my heart, on 04/27/2019. I was in ICU 1 week, and in the hospital for 3 days after that. I am 6 weeks out of transplant, and still am unable to express how life changing this surgery is for me!!! Transplant has changed my health 100%!!!! Al for the better. May the Lord Bless my donor thru eternity, and give my donors family the best of every memory to help the emptiness from their loss.

January 26, 2019

February, 4, 2019 I’m back at UCLA, to finish testing to hopefully be listed for transplant. When I started evaluation, the dr talked about definetly double lung possible kidney, replacing my right heart valve, and any other fixes I may need on the heart. Thank to all for they’re time and generosity. Expect another update mid February. I am blessed to have HelpHopelive, for all the guidance and support. Brigette Ruedy

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