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Mark has been a Bitterroot Valley resident for 23 years. He and his wife relocated from Wisconsin to Montana feeling that it would be a great place to raise their two sons. Both of Mark’s sons excelled in sports and academics, playing football and basketball at Corvallis High School and then moving on to the University of Montana.

During his time in the Bitterroot Valley, Mark worked at several hardware and building supply stores such as Ace Hardware, United Building Center, and Drywall Supply Co. where he was a very successful manager. During this time, he contributed to several major projects which included Hamilton High School, an addition to the Rocky Mountain Lab, the Remington Building, and a remodel to the old Marcus Daly Hospital. At the age of 51, Mark was forced into disability retirement due to the progression of his illness.

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October 31, 2020

2 years post transplant, Mark is feeling more blessed than ever to have been given the gift of life. There have been so many awesome events that Mark has gotten to be a part of and contribute to. He has two new grandchildren, for a total of 5!
He got to attend his son, Taylor’s college graduation. He was able to garden again this summer. Mark has been working tirelessly at physical therapy and now is able to walk 2 miles and do some hiking in the mountains. Mark has also been able to start working again part time! He has done some carpentry work building saw horses and fences. One of Mark’s long time hobbies is baking. We are happy to announce that he is back in the kitchen again making breads, cakes, cookies, and various other goodies.
Mark was able to get out to the woods again and pick huckleberries, which he added to muffins and gave to friends.
He adopted Emmitt, a lovely 8 year old dog, in dire need of a home.
As you can see Mark has been active as he continues to recover. Despite all the blessings and progress there are still daily struggles and expenses to overcome. The main issue now is diabetes which came on after surgery. He is insulin dependent but has been fortunate enough to qualify for an insulin pump. He also has very poor kidney function which is caused by all the medications he is and will be on for the rest of his life. We won’t even get into how Covid 19 has changed his life. That is why we continue to ask for your support. We all know how expensive medications are these days and the prices for the specialty drugs Mark has to take are astronomical. Also, he still has to take several trips a year to Phoenix for follow up care.

We are extremely grateful for all the support you have given in the past and we are hopeful that you will be able to support Mark as he continues on life’s journey.

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