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James Scott Needs Your Help

In 2016, on a short visit home with his family, James went to the Urgent Care to have a wound checked before he had to leave town for work again. At this visit, the nurse gently pushed on his leg and blood seeped through his skin. The nurse informed James that this is a symptom of a liver problem and that he should make a visit with his doctor as soon as possible. James came home that night and by Monday morning his wife was on the phone with the Dr. making the appointment. After an ultrasound, and a few more tests, it was determined that James had Non-Alcoholic Cirrhosis of the Liver. Basically, he was told due to his diabetes his liver was failing.

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May 19, 2020

As of 5/16/2020 James has been placed on HOLD for the transplant. He is currently in the hospital and has been there since 5/6/2020. While there they found he had at some point suffered a minor heart attack. The heart is still not functioning properly due to all the fluid build up. The fluid build up is because the liver is not functioning properly. The hold is due to the heart issue. Until ae can get this heart problem repaired he can not get a new liver.

December 8, 2019

Hello everyone. I just wanted to do an update on my health. It has been some time since I have written anything. I have had 8 months of pretty good health. March 2019 I started to feel really well. With just a few mishaps along the way. November 2019, started with quite a few more health problems. I have been filling up with water again. My belly has extended quite a bit now. It has stretched to the point where it has caused my Hernias to started hurting. The fluid build-up has now entered my lung area too. I was just drained the Monday & Wednesday before Thanksgiving, and have swelled up to the point I need to be drained again from both areas. My kidneys are now starting to not function the way they are supposed to. Judy & I have seen another Doctor for a consultation for doing a TIPPS surgery. This surgery is where the Doctor will insert a tube down through my neck and into the Liver. Then he will essentially dig a trench through the Liver and come out the side. He will connect one of the input veins to the trench, then go to the outport side of the Liver and connect to veins there. This will redirect the flow of blood through the Liver to help with future water building up in my belly and lungs. This surgery has its own risk factors too. I will be at a greater risk to have more Hepatic Enclyopathy episodes, this will cause Judy to work harder to care for me. During these episodes, I will have more confusion due to increased Ammonia building up in my head, The last time I had these episodes I would loose 3-4 days not knowing what happened during this lost time. I can be at a greater risk of heart conditions. I can have a greater risk of complete Liver failure which would require an immediate transplant. I can have bleeding and infections due to surgery. The surgery may not work at all, but can be reversed or shut backdown. These are just the 5 main risks, but the Tipps surgery can and will help temporarily for my Liver and Kidney functions. I have a CT Scan scheduled with contrast next week and then an Echo of the heart the following week.

With all of these conditions going onI am really sicker than my MELD NUMBERS show. The MELD NUMBERS are the way the Doctors and hospitals score people for transplants. So i am still on the transplant list, but very low there. I need a new Liver and I will be OK. This is truly the best option for me. I just have to wait. I have had some great family members and friends who have checked into donating a part of their Liver as a LIVE Donor which would be the quickest way to get a Liver Transplant. I am also on the list to accept an HEP-C Liver too.

So I will wait to see what Happens, Hopefully soon. I have been fighting this disease since July 2015 when I was first diagnosed. I feel my body may have only a year or two left. If you think you can help in any way, you can call the Cleveland Clinic Liver Transplant team and ask any question in regards to how donating works. The team has some medical questions they will ask of you. If you are a willing Donor and a candidate. They can proceed to the next step in the evaluation process. If you wish to contact the Clinic here is the number. Or if you wish to help you may donate to my fundraising campaign through this site only. Help Hope Live Administration under my name James Scott. Please help if you can.

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April 27, 2019

Sorry we couldn't make the event today. All our prayers are with you.
Joanne & Raj

Joanne Pawar

April 27, 2019

Best Wishes for a successful outcome to your transplant needs and I hope you find comfort
from family and friends. All the best to you and your family.

Jeff McFadden

April 3, 2019

May you get the funds you need and support.

Mialinda Francis