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Dear Friends and Family,

For those that do not know Frank he is very much into the outdoors and enjoys being around his friends and family. Twelve years ago Frank went through his first transplant when his body started shutting out his organs. They still to this day do not know what virus caused this to happen. But he was very lucky then to be able to get his mother’s kidney.

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January 22, 2019

January 22, 2019 Frank and Jon went through surgery. Everyone did great! They said the kidney was perfect and Frank’s already making urine. We could not be happier

November 28, 2018

Frank’s donor kidney that he received from him mother 12 years ago started to be rejected on February 1 2018. This was when Frank would be informed that he was going to need another Kidney. He would go through all the classes and doctors appointments and would be put on Dialysis till he would receive a new kidney. Frank had some people step up to be tested to be a living kidney donor. Frank would be very lucky because his brother was a perfect Match. They will be having the Surgery in January of 2019. Almost a year after he was informed of the rejection.

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December 27, 2018

I hope all goes well and I'm glad your husband has a match...The Shettel's

Debra Shettel