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My name is Amanda, I have 3 kids and a significant other. I lived a normal active life with my family. We went to the parks, public pools, the lakes, chasing the kids around, farmers market, just being active, then in 2014 I started to get sick not feeling right.

I went to the doctors they had said I was overweight so I started to workout more and lost 40 pounds still felt the same shortness of breath, tired even after losing weight, went back to the doctors they then said it was asthma they referred me to the pulmonologist.

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August 27, 2018

So my infusions for July 30th and July 31st did not go as planed I ended up really sick and spent the whole in the hospital. So the Doctors rescheduled my infusions to begin today August 27, 2018. The infusions are going a lot better then last time.

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