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Help Tripp Kelly regain Independence

On 8/1/15, my son, Tripp (James) Kelly was struck with an autoimmune disease diagnosed as Transverse Myelitis. A healthy hardworking man became a CS incomplete quadriplegic in a matter of minutes. He has regained some·upper body movement and has luckily regained about 50% function of his hands. During the past 3 years he has made many advances in his therapy and working towards his Independence. Although doctors and hospitals can’t give us a long-term prognosis we can begin to help him regain some of his independence back.

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October 1, 2018

Love you Tripper!

Brittany Betros

September 24, 2018

Love ya Tripp! Wishing you the very best and praying for you always! ❤️

Emily Hunt

September 19, 2018

Hope you meet your goal Tripp! Mike & Dottie Patterson


September 14, 2018

Good luck Tripp! Hope you meet you goal Love you, Maria and Soli