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Hi, I’m a grandma of two with one more due any day now. My family is my life. My husband takes care of me tirelessly every single day. He has been to every pretesting as well as every regular doctor’s visit. No one could possibly feel the love that I do from him.

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March 23, 2019

I apologize for not updating for Cheryl.
It happened..
Cheryl finally received her new lung on January 20th 2019!

And….The love of my life was able to come home. She had been in the hospital since surgery on Jan. 20th. The week after surgery was very difficult, we had a few setbacks. The team at Northwestern Memorial Hospital are the best! With each situation that presented itself they remained calm and professional. They explained each situation in a very detailed manner that continually built up my confidence.
When I say the team at NMH are the best, that includes everyone. From the person at the main desk that looked up at me smiled and said “Oh, you’re early today. That’s great!” to the wonderful person that brought Cheryl meals everyday and was particularly careful to make sure it was just right. It would behove me to not mention the fantastic teams of Nurses and Doctors on the 7th and 14th floors. You could really tell they put Cheryl first!

It’s been one week since Cheryl finally was able to come home. She is in fantastic spirits and is progressing very well. It’s a busy time now. Physical therapy 3 days a week. Occupational Therapy 3 times a week. In Home Nurse twice a week.

And the Fun begins…. a new chapter in our lives!

January 21, 2019

Today is January 20th 2019. We are back at Northwestern Memorial Hospital waiting for the possibility of a lung transplant tonight. This is the 4th time we’ve made this trip! Maybe this is it!