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Jessie, an infinitely kind, single, working mother of two needs a kidney.

Jessie is the strongest, most impressive woman I know. She is an incredible mother to her two children Milo (age 13) and Lila (age 10), and an eternally giving individual. This inseparable family of three lives in a small fishing community on an island off the coast of Maine, with a population of roughly 350 people. Here Jessie cooks and manages the kitchen of the islanders’ favorite restaurant, among other jobs. Last year, after working 60 to 80 hour weeks, making time to be with her kids and helping them with homework, she started feeling unwell. It started with leg cramps and an incessant itchiness. Over the winter the cramps got much worse, often waking her multiple times a night. No amount of water or supplements were helping, so this spring, before the busy season, she had some bloodwork done. Thinking that it would be a routine procedure, she left the clinic figuring she’d learn that it was some simple, resolvable issue. Later that day she was rushed off island to the hospital, and within 24 hours was informed that she was in complete, end-stage renal failure. The doctors could not understand how she was standing with the levels of different toxins in her blood, let alone walking, talking, and working. Within hours she had started dialysis and will have to continue that treatment three times a week until she receives a new kidney and her body does not reject it.

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February 11, 2020

Just over a year post-transplant, and my brother and I are both doing really well. My doctors tell me I am their most boring patient, and that is the best thing I could hear! I had a little surgery a couple months ago to remove a ball of scar tissue from a popped stitch, and to fix a small hernia. I am back to feeling great and doing all my normal activities. I went skydiving and hiking in Arizona last week, and was so thankful to be alive and feeling good to do that!

November 21, 2018

I had the last bit of plastic taken out of my body yesterday. Three weeks in and Sam and I are recovering well. My kidney function is amazing! I have so much to be thankful for.

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August 12, 2019

Wishing you well!

Debbie Terone

December 31, 2018


Scott Burgess

December 12, 2018

You are such an amazing woman, I am sending healung thoughts and prayers your way

Tammy Tripler