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Albert Needs Your Help

Family and friends of Albert Przybylski are raising money for the nonprofit Help Hope Live to fund uninsured medical expenses associated with transplantation.

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December 16, 2018

Through the generosity of my sister Helen, she has agreed to offer some of her bead jewelry creations, on a minimum donation basis. These are a unique, one of a kind pieces she has done over the years as a passion of her creative side. Keep in mind all funds going to HelpHopeLive will not only benefit my medical needs but will carry forward to keep others funded also. All items shipped USPS priority, insured for the full donation offering.


November 16, 2018

Just Who is (Al)Bert Przybylski?
Since you’ve probably come to this website to help out our friend Bert, we thought we’d let you know a bit more about him (and the statute of limitations has run out on most of this stuff!).
Bert – short for Albert (as opposed to Burton … or even Dogbert!) – is from the Detroit area. You already know this if you’ve ever tried to have a “car” conversation with him: if you’re from the Motor City, cars and everything about them is in your DNA (whether you like it or not) and keeping up is nigh impossible. Another thing, apparently, that also comes with that Detroit background is a love of music. Though not overly partial to any one sound, Bert’s love of high fidelity and good musicianship has made him a go-to person when it comes to music. Need to know who did that song? Want to find something new in the bluegrass (or rock or jazz or folk or, well, just about anything except urban rap) genre? Looking for the best version of a popular song? For these and more, go to Bert. Even local radio DJs used his knowledge to make their shows better!
Skiing? Yeah that’s been a pretty big part of things, too. After moving to Aspen in the late 1970’s, Bert took to skiing like the proverbial duck to water. As a leader and card-carrying member of The Bobs, Bert was often (though not always) the “adult” in the room, occasionally talking us down from skiing some overly exposed or crowded run that might not be as good as another or making sure we knew when The Dogs might be on a Bob hunt (it’s a long story). Ever the friendly skier, Bert could often be seen waving to the world with his right hand as he made each perfect turn (you have to see it to believe it!) and played the part of the welcoming ambassador, often inviting anyone who wanted a fun group to ski with to join the Bobs. More than just a pastime or “activity” to Bert (and a number of his ski bum friends), skiing was more a passionate ode to life, almost a spiritual experience that has provided years of fulfilling friendships, robust physical activity and a love for the outdoors.
Bert the Fixer: after his years of experience keeping Centennial functioning Bert also became the go-to guy for home repairs and virtually any kind of fix-it you might need. No doubt there are uncountable running toilets to this day because our man Bert was there to keep things moving (so to speak). And staffs at The Gant and The Dancing Bear, while only having Bert with them for relatively short times, still keep in touch and he remains a reference at both places, as in, “Well, Bert would do this …”
And, of course, in the last couple of years Bert has been working up to this point of being ready for the next chapter. A move from Aspen to Grand Junction increased the oxygen levels (and warmth!) and after jumping through the appropriate hoops to be thoroughly prepped for the next step, our man has been pursuing that in Phoenix, where a new pair of lungs has found a new home! Be sure to check out this page for updates and don’t forget to donate generously – anything raised over what Bert might need will be “paid forward” through the organization to someone else who does need the assistance.
So … Thanks!!!

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December 19, 2018

Sending our love and support. — Courtney and Dan

Courtney Witten

December 4, 2018

Bless you.

Linda Lafferty

November 23, 2018

Best wishes in your recovery!

Lisa Lalande

November 22, 2018

Bert, I’m so glad you are doing so amazingly well. Happy healing!!! xo Cindy

Cindy Rogers