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Josh was hit by a drunk driver in September of 2017. He was not expected to survive at the scene.

He suffered many life threatening injuries including a torn aorta, broken C1 vertebrae, ruptured spleen, shattered pelvis, and a severe traumatic brain injury. He spent most of 3 months in a coma. Miraculously, Josh has healed of the physical injuries but the brain injury has left him unable to speak, eat, use the bathroom, or move his limbs. He is not paralyzed but the signals from his brain to his limbs need restoring. He requires in home nursing and round the clock care from family. In order to have the best possible chance of healing, Josh needs intensive physical therapy and speech therapy which are no longer covered by insurance. These injuries can take years to heal and insurance puts an end to the possibility.

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May 8, 2020

God Bless you all for your dedication! Josh keep going you are loved!


May 7, 2020

Josh and I am just thrilled to see how far you have come! Keep up the incredible work. I am keeping you and your darling family in my prayers and I ADORE your puppy! With warm regards and big hugs, Beth W.


May 6, 2020

Praying for Josh’s recovery and that ultimately, his story will point people to Jesus!

Anna Davenport

May 6, 2020

Praying for continued recovery for Josh and family!

Meleah White