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Help Bill live his new life with new lungs!

Bill Gross was born with a genetic condition called Alpha-one Antitrypsin Deficiency. This disease causes emphysema in the lungs over time. In 2003, Bill’s lungs were deteriorating quickly, and he was listed for a double lung transplant at Temple. Years went by, and he only received one call. He was eventually taken off the list and decided that maybe he wasn’t meant to have lungs.

Updates (1)

July 26, 2018

As of July 18, Bill is back in the hospital for another week. There was a scab where they attached his esophagus, and it fell off prematurely. He is currently receiving IV medications there, and is hoping to be released soon.


October 8, 2013

oops----sorry there is no spell check I meant to type we gave up biking 2 years ago----Mary


October 8, 2013

Hi Bill, Thanks to your neice Tia I have learned of your story of courage and hope while on the mend. We are kindred spirits hubby and I gave up biling 2 years ago no time to ride to keep the bills paid and we miss the ride as much as you sir. Once that free ride spirit is in your soul tho you carry it with you Prayers of healing and peace for you and your cherished ones are being sent as you journey forward sir. Try to enjoy the ride even though the road is bumpy sometimes. Mary and Bud Eveland

Mary and Bud Eveland