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Jason’s Double Lung Transplant Warriors

In a short year Jason has gone from being able to breathe on his own to now being admitted to the hospital for the past 6 weeks unable to get off high flow oxygen. With 5 hospital admissions this year and no answers, he now finds himself needing a double lung transplant in a matter of weeks.

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December 19, 2018

So I know I haven’t updated in a long time it’s been crazy over here. Jason is still in ICU he has weaned off of the ventilator but is on bipap. He’s getting stronger each day but not without it’s challenges and bumps along the way. He first had some cellular rejection which they treated with very high dose steroids. This is what allowed him to wean off the vent and put on a trach mask where he’s breathing on his own through most of the day. He also developed a small hole where the donor airway was attached to his airway so they put a stent there to protect it, that comes out tomorrow and hopefully the hole will be healed up. Now the doctor came in yesterday and said his lab work and stains from his bronchoscopy are showing antibody rejection. This is treated with a process called plasma phoresis, IVIG infusions and an infusion of a chemotherapy agent to wipe out the antibodies. Please keep him in you’re prayers as nothing has been easy for him from the beginning. My Jay is strong but I so wish I could just take this all away from him. We hope everyone had a blessed and happy Christmas. We will be missing all of our family and friends but are greatful to have each other right now.

December 3, 2018

Hi everyone! I just wanted to send out a quick update on Jason. Sorry that I haven’t updated in so long, but his recovery has been anything but easy. Currently Jason is trying to work hard to wean from the ventilator. He trials off of the ventilator every day, however it’s been a slow progression because his kidneys aren’t functioning well and is on dialysis. In between days that he has dialysis fluid builds up and makes it harder for him to breathe. The most he’s done off of the ventilator was today and that was for 7 hours. Because he was intubated and sedated so long the muscles that help you breathe become very weak, so they compare this to running a marathon. His spirits remain positive despite the obstacles. He continues to work very hard each day to make progress. We are really missing all of our family and friends back in Florida and all the rest of our family and friends everywhere. Thank you again to everyone who has donated, prayed, and shown us such love while on this journey. We love you so much.

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December 4, 2018

Sending you both love and prayers!

Jennifer Muellemann-Miller

December 5, 2018

Hi Lisa and Jason, You are in our thoughts and prayers and hope that Jason will recover fully in the very near future. Just sending a small amount to help ease the burden. All our love Peter, Carmel, Maria and Joseph. Joseph recalls with fondness his time with you and the kindness shown to him.

Peter C. Leotta

November 16, 2018

From Scottie’s words you are a wonderful man. God bless you and your family in this journey. Praying and believing for a full recovery for you. Laboy family

Peppi-Naomi Laboy

November 15, 2018

Continued Prayers & Faith in Your Recovery.

Diane Rogers