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It is time to start skiing again.

I Need Your Help.

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January 1, 2022

The first day of a new year. It always is just another day, even though the calendar signifies starting over. The shortest day has just passed us and the sun begins its return to its dominance of the day.

This new year was not much different than the previous three if it wasn’t for the happy surprise I found when I checked on the campaign today. Thank you to all who gave. You are all very amazing people and I will not let you down. Plans are getting solidified for my lessons coming up in February and March.

I had an ambitious goal to originally try and ski five days in December and January, and because of that I learned a valuable lesson. My first lesson at Breckenridge was December 14, definitely early season conditions. Man-made snow, limited runs, holiday crowds.

With the help with my partner Maggie, I got up at 4 AM, dressed in all my ski gear and drove the dreaded I 70 Corridor up to Summit County, Colorado. I chose to apply for scholarship from the Breckenridge outdoor education center, known as BOEC, because it was closest to where I stay in Aurora Colorado. It is still full 2 hour drive from home and that doesn’t include stops and parking. The drive went smoothly and volunteers met me in the parking lot to help me get to the ski school with my gear. We got fitted into the monoski with handheld outriggers as my instructor felt confident he could control and teach me.

Unfortunately, The instructor overlooked my capabilities in his choice of teaching style and I was lacking the skill/Strength needed to be successful. I had a lot of falls on some very icy, hard snow that caused me to hit my head and shoulders in ways that are not comfortable. I left the lesson early and was very disheartened. Luckily, I was not injured badly and I have fully recovered since.

Thankfully, this experience taught me some valuable lessons. One is that my shoulders are too valuable to my day-to-day living to risk injury. Next, I need to ensure I advocate for my learning and safety with all of the equipment and instruction that I am getting. The third and final lesson, was That I need to make sure conditions are ideal for learning in this early stage so that I avoid injury as well as discouraging lessons. So, I am waiting until February to resume lessons as I will have my own ski and the snow will be much softer, natural snow.

All of this means is that I will have to do more skiing in March and into April. That time of year offers great conditions for learning. I still have plenty of time to achieve my 20 day goal for the season and with the continued support from all of you I will get there.

With gratitude and love,


December 1, 2021

December 1, 2021:

Giving Tuesday has come and gone, and thanks to the efforts of Greg Seitz and myself we managed to come up with $1900 in donations!!

Here’s the latest: I have scheduled lessons with Breckenridge outdoor education center for sit skiing lessons the week of December 20. I plan to do five days of lessons before the new year, and I’m hoping I will be able to take delivery on my very own monoski before Christmas.

A big thanks to Greg, Claire Vittucci, Michael Faris, Damien and Rachel Kremins, Will Edwards, Pat and Libby Hooper, Caleb and Danielle Senn, and Whitney Schwab for leading the giving!

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June 7, 2022

I hope this can help in some way, Mike. Hope to see you on the slopes next season!

Tanner McKinney

March 21, 2022


Denison Vonmaur

February 20, 2022

Good luck

Davis Howard