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I am not really sure how to tell my story or where to start, so I will just tell you all that took place.

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August 15, 2020

I entered Cleveland Clinic Main Campus Hospital, July 22nd after all test they told me to get comfortable. On August 8th my doctor walked in and said we are about to prep you for surgery. They took me down around 7pm,

I know my surgery was completed on August 9th is when I got a set of two healthy lungs that are now mine. I’m so thankful to my donor family and the donor for donating their lungs.

From here on out it’s forward progress, but it happened to me I got new lungs thanks to organ donor transplant.

August 7, 2020

I’ve been in the hospital since July 22nd, and I won’t be going home until I get my transplant.

I can’t have any visitors and I can’t leave my room, because I’m on so much oxygen that the type of thing I’m on has me connected to the wall.

40 liters of oxygen when I was at home, I was on 6 liters at rest and 8 at activity. So that gives you a picture of how everything is going, and everyday is different I’ve even had some days that I needed more oxygen than that.

My lungs are coming so I’m not worried, that’s what keeps my mind going because I know soon I will be breathing just FINE!

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July 1, 2019

I pray she pulls through. God bless!

Keeva Williams

May 3, 2019

\"Be still and know that I am God\", That I who made and gave thee life
Will lead thy faltering steps aright; That I who hear and heed thy earnest call.
I am thy God.
\"Be still and know that I am God\", When aching burdens crush thy heart.
Then know I form thee for thy part And purpose in the plan I hold.
Trust in Me.
\"Be still and know that I am God\", Who made the atom\'s tiny span
And set it moving to My plan; That I who guide the stars above
Will guide and keep thee in My love.
Be thou still.

Aminah Chandler

April 17, 2019

Hang in there!!!

David Rutledge