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Two glimmers of hope! Two miracles!

After 20 years of suffering from a genetic disorder, Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD), and years on the transplant waitlist, Jean Paige finally has the promise of a kidney donor. And so does another lucky person on the transplant list!

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March 14, 2019

It’s been crazy busy around here!
I want to let you know that Erin donated February 21st and is doing very well. Her recovery was much more than she anticipated but she is delighted that the 25 year old Pennsylvania man, who received her kidney, is doing very well and doesn’t have to start dialysis.
My transplant surgery is scheduled for April 4th, 2019. I’m excited and nervous at the same time. No more dialysis was just a dream six months ago and now it is a reality. Without the support of all of you this would not be possible.
Thank you!
Life is good and about to be better!

December 21, 2018

The campaign is going so well! Thank you everyone!

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July 26, 2020

OMG, I thought about you today, out of the blue, and put your name in a search. How surprised I was. I don't know if we've talked since your girls were little and you came to Buffalo for a little while. I don't do social media due to invasion of privacy, but could we email? [email protected] It was so good to see your face on my screen, though.

Mitzi Standard

August 4, 2019

Donation for Jean Paige's kidney transplant. God bless you and I wish you well.

catherine miller

December 30, 2018

Jean, wishing you well.

Florence Jameson

December 28, 2018

Terrific! We love you!

Katherine I Johnson