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Leo Needs Your Help

As many of you know, our dear friend, Leo suffered a massive brain stem stroke during a procedure to repair a brain bleed in November of 2017. This brain bleed occurred during a routine gym visit while on a work trip in Arizona. Leo spent a month in ICU in Arizona and was finally air transported to Craig Rehab Hospital in December, where he stayed as an in patient for several months.

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September 11, 2019

Hello friends and family of Leo-
This is a long overdue update on Leo and his family…it’s been a busy summer! Although progress continues to move very slowly, Leo keeps getting stronger and more capable every day. He has made huge strides in being able to do wheelchair transfers on his own and has done several without assistance.

He’s also stronger on his feet and although he still needs a bit of assistance from somebody for balance as he walks with his cane, he’s taking more and more steps on his own every week. At home, he is trying to do much of the moving around by walking instead of in the wheelchair when somebody is available to assist him.

Leo participated in 2 adaptive sailing classes out at the Boulder Reservoir with friends and he loved getting out on the water. He has also gone camping twice this summer with friends and it’s VERY nice to see him getting outside to do some of the things he used to enjoy so much before his stroke. He rides the indoor stationery bike every day for at least an hour and gets outside on the tandem with friends when he can. Be sure to check out the new pictures posted from these adventures.

Securing reliable, experienced home care support continues to be a huge challenge for Dani and Leo, and of course this is a very large ongoing expense as well. The goal is to get Leo in a position to be able to be left without home care for portions of the day soon, once we’re all confident that he will be safe and able enough to move about. The fundraising campaign continues to be open and this money raised is going directly to pay for the caregiving expenses that are entirely covered out of pocket (Dani and Leo have no insurance coverage at all for home care services).

Leo would love to hear from you all so feel free to shoot over a text or email or swing by to say hello if you’re in the neighborhood. The continue support of friends and family is incredibly important and helpful to the whole family. We’ll keep you posted on Leo’s continued progress as well as more upcoming fundraising events. Thank you for the support!

May 8, 2019

HUGE heartfelt thank you to all of those who attended Leo’s Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser or who supported it in any way. It was a huge success raising over $10,000 to help support Leo’s continued home care needs.

For those who couldn’t attend it was a room full of a whole lotta love for Leo, Dani and their families!

The support from each and every one of you throughout this past year and a half has truly meant the world to the Patnodes and their extended families. It is an amazing demonstration of what the TRUE meaning of a loving community is.

Please check out the latest photo album posted on this site from the event and keep an eye out for upcoming events or status updates on Leo. He’s been out riding his new recumbent tandem bicycle in the beautiful Spring weather, including a 9 mile ride with his good friend, Andy, to join some pals to watch bike racing last weekend! Prior to this adventure, his longest ride had been 3 miles so he’s working VERY hard to gain back more strength and endurance.

Thank you all!!

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May 4, 2019

Hi Dani and Leo, all my love and strength to you and the kids as you’ll get stronger. Nikhil

Nikhil Jain

May 2, 2019

Hi Leo, Sorry to hear about the ordeal you're going through. I heard about you through John Samuel, and I'm a friend of Mike. This sort of thing could surprise any of us without warning. Keep up the recovery progress, and keep your thoughts positive! (I was born in Council Bluffs)

Don Mullen

April 29, 2019

Sorry we couldn’t come to eat spaghetti with everyone yesterday. We wish Leo and family all best wishes as he returns to the family nest.

Beth Robins

April 29, 2019

Love ya bud!

Douglas Wong