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Mark needs your help now so he can be listed for his transplants!

Hello. My name is Mark Curry. In 1989, I developed leukemia due to toxic water I was exposed to at Camp Lejune while serving in the Marine Corp. The chemotherapy drugs I was on caused me to develop heart failure. As I got older the condition worsened and I now need a heart and kidney transplant.

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August 25, 2019

After a rough couple of months after his transplants, Mark is in better spirits and enjoying life, friends, and family. We are still struggling with the cost of co-pays and medically necessary items that are not covered by insurance.

April 9, 2019

Mark has finally received his heart and kidney transplants on 3/25/19 and is recovering quickly. We greatly appreciate all the support we have received so far and are thankful for Mark's second chance at life. Mark will always honor the gift he has been given and the donor. Unfortunately we have encountered a mold problem in our basement. We need to have our basement waterproofed and remove the air borne mold before Mark can come home. We are not able to afford the expense on our own. Thank you to Mary Jo Lovely. When we read your post, it brought us to tears. We weren't aware that there are groups out there willing to help. #LetsBringMarkHome

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June 24, 2019

Best of luck. Know what you are going through. My husband is a double lung transplant patient and Help Hope Live was great.
God Bless.
Sending a donation, Mark

Janice Davidson

June 10, 2019

To all that attended both the purse bingo and the Tatoo bingo; we cannot thank you enough for helping us help the Curry Family.

Ken Lovely

May 12, 2019

Mark, your family needs you to keep fighting. You are in good hands HUP!!

Ken Lovely