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Heidi is in Crisis. End-Stage renal failure.

My daughter, Heidi was diagnosed with Diabetes at 8 years old. A tenacious child- she moved through her years with a lust for life, and an indefatigable energy to go for the gusto and be the best she could be- be it brownie scouts, softball, scuba diving, jumping out of airplanes- there were no challenges she turned away from. Never a girl to be in a clique, she has always been inclusive of others- the underdogs, the bullied,- sometimes to her own detriment. Always first to step up when family, friends and work associates needed help- she was always there. She sailed through life with honor, integrity and a giving and joyous heart. And yet, she is such a private person, hesitant to share this crisis; few know. Even me- she wants to protect from worry. (Click see all)

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January 25, 2019

There’s a great story about one of Heidi’s passions posted on her Facebook page, Heidi’s Winning Touchdown. Follow this link to find out what it is!


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October 6, 2019

We're rooting for you, Heidi!


April 14, 2019

Heidi, I've been a fan of your mother for many years, and when she told me about your health issues I wanted to help. I wish you the best and will send positive energy your way. Good luck, Heidi!

Laurie Redman

February 21, 2019

Heidi I know we haven't known you as long as others but we still think you are pretty awesome. From the first time of meeting you, you have been nothing but sweet and "my kind of crazy" that I felt I could relate to (in a good way of course!) There's still many more years left of getting to know you more. xo

Jennifer DelValle

February 4, 2019

Go Heidi. You can do this with God's help.

Terri Zeutzius