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I am Christina, a single mother, I’m originally from Southeastern Nigeria, and I’m a dialysis patient. I have been a dialysis patient since November 14th, 2014. My chances of prolonging my life are dependent upon kidney transplantation. Presently dialysis is my option of survival until I receive a transplant.

I was on the list for an organ transplant with the University of Maryland Medical Center Baltimore. Unfortunately, I am no longer on that list because I am uninsured. To qualify for a transplant, I need a considerable amount of money to augment the shortfall that Medicare does not cover. The figure to cover my treatment, procedures, and lodging is projected to be $10,000.00 (ten thousand dollars). Currently, I am not employed and unable to raise that money hence this appeal.

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January 26, 2021

I’m praying for you deeply!! Sending you love and support ❤️


January 25, 2021



January 21, 2021

Sending you positive thoughts & prayers that you are able to find a transplant & healthy recovery soon. Stay strong!

Wendy Jackson

January 20, 2021

Much love and hope for you in this process. Sending you all the strength and support for healing.

Jonathan B. Tucker