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I who was born June 17, 1988 with several birth defects that affected the mid-line of my body known as VACTER syndrome. Each letter represents a different part of the anatomy and of the five letters, I have four of the anomalies.

In my early years of life, I had four bowel surgeries, tracheal surgery, four open heart surgeries, and over 10 other heart related procedures.

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March 23, 2021

Join us to Welcome Home Ross & Donna
This is not an April’s Fool’s Joke! Donna Miller and Ross Rudnitsky are coming home to continue to heal after Ross received his gift of life just a short 6 months ago. Please join us as we celebrate their homecoming with a parade of cars!
Thursday, April 1st at 6:00 pm
429 Prospect Avenue, Wilmington, DE 19803
We are meeting first at 5:45 pm at the AT&T Wireless parking lot on 202/Concord Pike
We will line up and follow the lead car like very slow moving train while they are outside. We asked what Ross’ favorite places for gift cards and they are: Brewster’s, Panera, Big Fish, Mazzellas, Stanley’s, Acme, Giant and Wawa. We will have a basket available as we line up, and we will “gift” the basket to Ross during the drive by. If you are unable to attend, but would like to give them a card, please bring it to Stacey Friedland, Jennifer Michaels or Karolin Lipman any time prior to the drive by. Rain Date–Monday, April 5th (Sponsored by the Tikkun Olam Committee at Congregation Beth Shalom and #TeamRossiRoo)

February 22, 2021

So much has been happening and nothing, all at the same time if that is possible. Ross has continued to do very well and advancing with cardiac rehab. After an hour of working out, he is able to walk the ¾ mile to the apartment which is amazing. He does rehab twice a week, but other than that, he has been pretty much relaxing and healing. His arrhythmias are decreasing so no further intervention needs to occur. Medications are slowing being weaned down which is great news. One of the side effects of prednisone is mood swings and Ross has been experiencing them big-time. We are hoping now that the dose is below 5 mg, he will start feeling more like himself.
The great news is that we are booked on flights to come back to Delaware on March 31, 2021! Ross will be almost 7 months post-transplant at that point. We are so looking forward to coming home!

Just as we had to establish an apartment in Los Angeles, the task of disassembling the apartment also has to happen. We will be attempting to sell all of the stuff we purchased and, will be using the UCLA Buy and Sell app which was so helpful to us originally. Anything we can’t sell, we will be donating to a wonderful organization called Ava’s Heart which is a non-profit organization that helps families with housing for three months after transplant. Ava is a wonderful woman, who unexpectedly went through a heart transplant herself and has been paying it forward ever since.
Los Angeles was on lock-down due to COVID for months so we did not get out much but over the last couple of weeks, once things opened up, we have gone on a few adventures (to Downtown Disney, The Grove and had a wonderful lunch outside, and to a Cat Café so we can pet and play with cats that are up for adoption. We miss our cats, Pip, Lucy, Duncan and Gigi so much and although we wish we could have adopted all of them, we have our two cats each waiting for us at home!

Ross has gotten his first COVID shot and his second one will be on Tuesday. I’m still not able to get my shots so I’ll wait until I get back to Delaware. We have still been very careful as Ross is immunosuppressed and has to be very careful. The first year after transplant is when he has to be the most careful but luckily since almost everyone is wearing a mask, it makes it much easier for him.

Several people have asked about Glenn and I’m happy to report that he has been out of the hospital since the beginning of January and doing much better. He is just now starting cardiac rehab as he was very weak when he left the hospital. We saw him last Thursday at clinic and even with the mask, hat and clothes, he is looking so much better. Unfortunately, because of COVID, we have not been able to spend any time with him or his family which is difficult.
Skylar who was the third patient waiting in the hospital, did not get his transplant and went back to Washington state. They hope to come back to LA hopefully in March to restart the process over. This Saturday and Sunday February 27-28th, there is an art auction to help raise funds for Skylar. It has been posted on Facebook but you can search “Circle Shaped Love” for more information. I’m sure they would appreciate any support given.

Please keep Ross, Glenn and Skylar in your thoughts and prayers as they continue their heart/liver transplant journey.
It will take a bit of time for us to get back to regular life as so much has happened and changed; however, we know for sure that without the love and support of our friends and family, we wouldn’t have been able to manage and will continue to need that same love and support at home! We are especially thankful for the donor and his family who enabled Ross to have his chance of a healthy life!

We will see everyone very soon (5 ½ weeks) but who is counting!

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February 22, 2021

We are cheering you on, Ross and Donna! Sending continued prayers and endless love! -Your CBS Community

Cantor Elisa Cohn

January 3, 2021

For Ross's continued and total recovery!

Elaine Schmerling

November 12, 2020

Hoping your recovery is going smoothly

Jacqueline Ettinger

October 14, 2020

Keep on fighting Ross

David Bernstein