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Help Cowboy Inspire Again

On April 30th, Chet (Chester Walton Kidd, IV) was sorting, worming and vaccinating calves just like any normal day of a cowboy. He needed to get a cow out of a corner and climbed up on a bow gate to use a sorting stick to encourage the cow to move around. Another cow in the pen behind him jumped up in an attempt to jump through the gate and caused him to fall and land on concrete. The gate was approximately 7 feet off the ground and then add his height so he did fall from about 11-13 feet up. He broke his left arm and had fractures in his face. He was saved from further injury by Matt Futrell who helped him out of the pen and Cole Futrell who called 911. He was transported to Wake Forest Baptist medical Center in Winston Salem. He was alert and talking when we arrived at the hospital and he received a CT scan which revealed a small candy cane shaped brain bleed. While still in the ER, he rolled over and became sick on his stomach and when he rolled back to bed, he had a seizure, a second CT scan revealed a severe brain bleed and he was rushed to surgery to remove a portion of his skull to allow his brain to swell. We were told that he had a very serious bleed and for a few minutes I was afraid, but the presence of a guardian angel in the waiting room brought a peace over me and I knew no matter what, our God was bigger than this and we would be ok. After surgery, his prognosis was very guarded. Fast forward to today, we have moved to private room then rehab at the Stitch Center in Winston Salem, NC then home and up to New Hampshire for some Project Walk Therapy. He is a determined soul and is re-learning a lot of things we take for granted. We are so blessed with every baby step he takes. The surgeon who removed his skull has told us several times that we are so blessed with the progress, it is not at all what he expected. Our God is Good and our Cowboy is Strong….he is after all a CW Kidd. We are so fortunate to be surrounded by such a loving and godly family and extended family. We would ask that each of you keep us in your prayers every day and every night.

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