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On January 26, 2019, our son Hayden was in a serious skiing accident at Park City, Utah.

He was airlifted to the University of Utah Hospital with multiple broken bones and a severe T5 spinal cord injury that has left Hayden with paralysis from the chest down. Hayden underwent surgery to fuse his spine and to repair his sternum and is currently at an in-patient rehabilitation facility working daily to regain strength and mobility and to learn how to navigate daily living in his new condition.

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April 2, 2019

Hayden is now back at the hospital at the University of Utah. He has seen much success and is now in a manual wheelchair. Hayden has been diligent in his therapies and is learning many new skills to help him be stronger and more mobile. He currently is learning how to transfer from his wheelchair to his bed, a shower chair, and other difficult surfaces such as a car. We are so proud of all he has accomplished and are excited to continue to see how he tackles this obstacle in his life.

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June 12, 2019

Much love and hugs to you, Hayden. You have been on our minds and in our hearts. Love from your teachers at FFCA - North West Elementary Campus - Mrs. Pat Mealey - Mrs. Samantha Lien - Mrs. Christa Delmar - Mrs. Lori Tetrault - Mrs. Margaret Ardan - Mrs. Sandra Berner - Mrs. Heather Doraty - Mrs. Leah Melnyk

FFCA NWE Teachers

April 20, 2019

I love this family

Lyndsie Trory

April 17, 2019

Keep up the great work Hayden:) You are an inspiration to all!!!

Cynthia Reeves

April 17, 2019

Sending love and prayers to you all.

Lori Tetrault