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Jim Needs Your Help

Jim Hild; the man, the myth, the legend. A father of three adult children and “Grandpa Jim” to three rambunctious grandsons, Jim has always sought the best in life.

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August 26, 2019

On August 23, 2019, Jim and his girlfriend, Victoria, were grocery shopping when Jim received the call of a lifetime. The doctors at Stanford Medical Center called to tell him they have a liver and it’s ready for him tonight. Jim and Victoria rushed to the hospital to consult with the doctors and surgeons. Much to the surprise and thank you to a long-awaited miracle from God, Jim was informed by the surgeons that not only would be receiving the liver, but they had one kidney for him too! WHAT A MIRACLE!

So, in the wee early hours of August 24, 2019, at 4:00 AM, the surgeons began their grueling work of replacing Jim’s liver and kidney. After 30 units of blood and nearly 14 hours of intense surgery, they were finished, and Jim now has a new liver and kidney! Currently, he is still under sedation, however, he is responding to instructions and doctors hope to remove him from the ventilator tomorrow. It’s common practice to keep a patient sedated for a few days after major surgery.

This has been a long and daunting road, but Jim is a fighter and the good Lord has granted him and his family the miracle of life. As said by his daughter, this man will outlive us all! Now more than ever he needs your help and generosity as expenses are beginning to add up. He hopes for a strong and full recovery within a year and sends out heartfelt thanks to all of his amazing friends and supporters.

April 14, 2019

He survived! The heart procedure was a success! Jim is alive, kicking and screaming.

He is still facing a long road of recovery. It’s been a little more than one week since his surgery, and unfortunately he has been readmitted to Stanford for some bleeding issues. No worry though folks, he’s getting excellent medical care, and he hopes to be back on his feet shortly.

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November 16, 2019

You're doing great Jim! Keep your chin up. We love ya.

Jeffrey & Karen Hamilton

October 25, 2019

Keep up the fight Jim, I want to see you out on the water again soon!

Steve Haas

October 25, 2019

Get well Jim. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Bill Cook

October 24, 2019

Paul and I are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. Hang in there!

Pat Wilkins