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Hi. My name is Kris. Some of y’all may know my story but for those who don’t… here it is.

About 7 yrs ago, I was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy. This is a heart condition where the heart muscle is weak and enlarged. Well since then, I have had a Pacemaker/ Defibrillator placed to help. Well, this helped for a little while as my heart decided it was going to get weaker and weaker. 2015 was a really tough year. As I was life flighted from Ormond Beach to Gainesville I was intubated 7 times and in the hospital a lot. I stayed in from Oct. – Dec. I came home just before Christmas. I had to have a Lvad (A heart Pump) to help by time till I am officially placed on the transplant list. My doctors are in Gainesville so I was told to start fundraising as I am getting close to being put on the list. The money that is raised helps with any unpaid medical bills or medical supplies not medicine that is not covered. Hotels if I need to stay over which I have had to a few times.

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April 23, 2019

Had 3 appointments today. Leaving Gainesville now. All dr's are now on board. The doctors will meet again on Monday and hopefully this time I will be listed. We shall see fingers crossed

April 1, 2019

Hello all just a quick update I am on in meds until the 22 of this month. I than have three doctors appointments in Gainesville. I see the infectious disease doctor,the hematologist and the cardiac team. Will keep everyone updated after appointments

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