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Looking For New Lungs for Michael!

My name is Laura. My husband, Michael, is 35. We are a young couple and have been married since 2016. Michael was diagnosed at 6 months old with Cystic Fibrosis (CF). His lungs were much better when he was younger, but we still enjoy doing plenty of things together. We love spending time with our families, our 2 nephews and 2 small dogs, and going to the Marvel movies on opening night.

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March 19, 2020

Day 97: We might be going home next week on March 27th!
Michael is in inpatient rehab at the same hospital now. He gets 1.5 hours of Occupational Therapy per day and 1.5 hours of Physical Therapy per day. He is working hard on his strength and balance.
Nausea is his biggest enemy at the moment. It has definitely put a damper on his healing. Unfortunately, nausea is a side effect of many of his anti-rejection medications. The doctors are working very hard to find medications to help his nausea and calm his tummy.
**Updates in the photos- there are pics of Michael walking with the PTs and doing some exercises. He recently got to work with Virtual Reality for Occupational Therapy (which I thought was pretty cool!)
Check back soon for more updates!

January 29, 2020

It has been 47 days and Michael is still in the hospital recovering from his double lung transplant surgery. He has had several setbacks, but is coming back like a champ. He had a pneumothorax and a chya leak which are both air issues surrounding the lungs. He had to have chest tubes inserted for these issues which required separate additional surgeries which set him back a bit. He ended up needing to be intubated 3 times in total and is now on a trach. He is on the ventilator at night to help him breathe but is making progress every day. We always appreciate the thoughts and donations.

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