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Cody Needs Your Help

Cody was born with a birth defect which has now led to kidney failure. He has endured over 25 surgeries, most of these while still a child, and innumerable painful tests and diagnostic x-rays. For the past 2 years, he battled kidney stones (too numerous to count) and many surgical efforts to try to remove the painful stones. These attempts were unsuccessful and resulted with the removal of part of his right kidney. Due to infection, kidney stones, and the extremely poor condition of his kidneys, both kidneys will be removed next week. He has been in End Stage Renal Failure for 2 years.

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May 28, 2019

Cody is still in the hospital, but is making progress! He walks laps around the nurses station with phone in hand as he plays Pokemon. He still has 3 drains in his belly which help rid the body of the infection he is fighting. He is not able to eat enough calories, so a feeding tube will be placed today. He misses his cat, Silbert, and can't wait to come home. We're hoping to have him home before the month of June beings!

May 16, 2019

Although Cody has made progress, he is still having some complications and remains hospitalized. He is anxious to return home, and hopes to do so within the next few days. We are humbled by the generous show of support we have received and so thankful for your love, support, and prayers! THANK YOU!

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June 1, 2019

Love you Code-Boy!

Pal Sandy & Jay Fidel

May 28, 2019

Love you Patty!! Stay strong Cody!

Diana Roses

May 24, 2019

Lots of prayers for Cody!!

Anne Law