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Double-lung Transplant: 12/2/2018

We would like to introduce you to Corinne Schultz, one of our favorite people who needs your financial assistance. Click SEE ALL to see her story.

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June 24, 2019

This donation is being made in memory of Bill Luiz.

Carol Johnson

June 2, 2019

This was gift to me and my son from my very dear friend, Faye Martin, and her husband Reggie, who asked that we use it to honor my father's life.

Cindy Luiz

May 22, 2019

We were a little delayed at getting this funding campaign set up to help support my sister, Corinne Schultz​, after her lung transplant in December, but it is so very much needed. I don't have many friends on social media, so I hope those who are reading this will take the time to share her story. Even though she was critically ill for so long, she managed to survive the transplant surgery. It has been a long and difficult recovery process since then and she works hard still, every day, to stay strong and healthy. She is most joyful be able to spend time with her family and new grandson, Aiden. Life is different on so many levels, but she forges on. I am so grateful that I still have my sister, alive, and in my life. I so very much appreciate your time and any financial assistance that you feel is appropriate, if any. God bless.

Laura Madigan