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Brian Needs Your Help

Family and friends of Brian Rogers are raising money for the nonprofit Help Hope Live to fund uninsured medical expenses associated with transplantation.

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May 8, 2019

Brian received the gift of a new liver on April 24, 2019! With the gift of a new liver and extended quality of life also comes expenses of the medical treatment. We are asking family and friends to join us in fundraising for the nonprofit to help us with medical expenses for this life saving surgery.

Despite the struggles that came from diagnosing his bad liver, he hasn’t let the health challenges get in the way of achieving his goals and serving as a prominent member in his community. He is often the “go to” in the neighborhood to help with cars or if anyone is in need. He is an involved father, grandfather, great-grandfather, and husband. Not to mention a known figure in the neighborhood deli and grill.

While he has insurance, many transplant expenses are surprisingly not covered. He will be on monthly anti-rejection medications needed for the rest of the life of his new liver, as well as the possibility of other expensive medications to be sure the liver is healthy and not contaminated causing him to be sick.

Donations to his Help, Hope, Live campaign can help ease the financial burden of a transplant and allow Brian to focus on a healthy recovery and his long life ahead with friends and family. When he recovers a little more we will plan a neighborhood fundraiser to also help with costs, and to thank his community for the love and support already shown to him and his family during this time. This miraculous surgery has been exciting, unexpected, (and rough at times…) but the necessary next step to a longer healthier life! He has been grateful for the love and kind thoughts shown him throughout his hospital stay. He is looking forward to recovery at home now!

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